The more experiences a lawyer has
-- the better he can understand yours.

Better Business Rating: A+

Google 5 star rating

Martindale Hubbel Client Champion

Professional Experience

Educated at: the United States Military Academy–West Point;
The philosophy of: Duty, Honor, Country - is firmly ingrained in every cadet.

Juris Doctor -University of Missouri, Columbia.

St. Louis City police officer: 
no better place to learn and understand the perils that people face.

Prosecuting Attorney:
First trial Prosecutor - Philosophy: should someone be prosecuted - not can I win the case - Its not a game. 
Unfortunately, Fairness must be learned

Commissioner of State of Missouri's Ethics Commission

Over 30 years of Practicing and applying the trade

A little known fact: 
most attorneys … and most judges -have never tried a jury trial.
Mr. Dawdy has tried many jury trials — from murder to business litigation.


Life Experiences

Award winning artist: Many paintings in private collections. 6 portraits and a mural painting currently hang in the Jefferson County Courthouse.
Former member of Artist Section of the Artist Guild. 
Juried art show winner. 
— Everyone must have a passion.

Collegiate boxer:  hard headed

Marathon runner: endurance and determination —

Trained Schutzhund dogs -Schutzhund is a German protection dog sport. Both he and his dog both speak German.

St. Louis House of Rock: was Owner of St. Louis’s premier rock and roll nightclub for over 16 years. — what better place to learn about people.

— Finally - 
Two children: Daughter- doctor of psychology; Son- theoretical physicist 
           — two reasons to be humble.


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