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Dawdy Law Firm


The process of searching for Criminal or Family Law Attorney when you need one can be stressful and daunting. Dawdy Law Firm in Fenton, MO, can make your search and easier one. With 30 years of experience, handling over 1000 family law and domestic relations cases and boasting a health criminal law résumé and probate practice, Mr. Dawdy is the obvious choice for your legal service needs in Jefferson County, Franklin County, St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.

Family Law

The number one questions that people tend to ask themselves in domestic cases is "do I need an experienced trial lawyer? After all, I hope that my case will be uncontested." The wise answer is: "it's better to have a hammer and not need one, than to need a hammer and not have one."... a quote from either Confucius or Mr. Dawdy's brother. At Dawdy Law Firm in Jefferson County, MO, Mr. Dawdy will take a firm stance, keep his (your) feet on the ground, and represent you honestly and with integrity

Criminal Law

In our society, everyone deserves to be treated with fairness. Fairness may mean an aggressive trial or an equitable plea. With This in mind, Mr. Dawdy can represent you with either a reasoned calm or an aggressive rake, as the circumstances warrant. If the situation is upon you, do not hide - prepare.

Probate Law

When one loses a loved one, it is not a time to be stressed by the legal process which accompanies that loss. A practiced attorney can remove that burden and the added stress.

Find out more about Dawdy Law Firm's services and practice areas by clicking through the site, or give Mr. Dawdy a call at 636-343-4414 and he will be glad to answer your questions. An informative lawyer can make all the difference, and Dawdy Law Firm aims to make you feel comfortable and well-informed on all subjects!

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